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For instance, he created the initiative "Kommunen gegen Rechtsextremismus" that joins together cities and towns across central Germany and aims to fight right extremist groups and ideas, as well as providing practical support for the towns where right extremist groups hold a parade or demonstration. The importance of this engagement against right extremism can't be underestimated, especially as it emerged in that the neo-Nazi terror group National Socialist Underground had been founded in Jena.

Schroeter himself is a practising Christian and used to be a pastor before going into politics full-time. Despite his personal religious conviction, he has been active in trying to achieve reconciliation between different faiths and political conflicts linked to religious differences. For instance, he is part of the executive committee of the German City Network, and his main role is to support the Middle-East-Peace-Process by organising city level exchanges between German, Israeli and Palestinian towns and cities.

Moreover, he has contributed a significant body of research to the subject of reconciliation within Christian faith groupings, in particular between the New Apostolic Church and the Apostolic Church. These are just some of the examples of his ongoing commitment and engagement across a range of political and civil issues. In a part of Germany where people often either tend towards idealising the GDR past or choose to sympathise with right extremist views, he has chosen to act, rather than complain, not thinking selfishly, but working towards the improvement of our society - at a local, national and international level.

I hope that these arguments will help make the case for his election as World Mayor Being a citizen of Jena now, I know him as well as a very helpful, understanding and couraged politician who takes serious the problems of the people and who has visions for the future of his citizens and of the people in other parts of the world, especially in Palestine. Besonders aber ist sein Einsatz gegen Rassismus, Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Antisemitismus. I found out that he had been a very brave man in the years prior to the German reunification, which was taking place at that time.

As a Lutheran priest, he had the reputation of being an opponent of the Communist regime, and this resulted in many young people gathering at his house to ask for help or just talk. It must have been then that he decided to let the people of Jena know how the local government was treating them by setting out to prove that the authorities and ruling Communist Party were faking the results of local elections.

He and his students later found out that the official results were not even close to the way people had actually voted.

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What me impressed first, was his acting in mai , when the fakes of the DDR - elections took place. He was one of the person, who strongly fought against it and tried to make it public in spite of possible personal consequences like repression and disadvantages at work.

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The third is his engagement to promote the cooperation between a lot of twin-cities and other cities or regions even those of Israel and Palestina. Without him a lot of projects especially between north and south and between rich and poor regions could not have been realized. Knowing the big luck that the city of Jena had in it's development after the reunification between East and West germany, he immediately decided to let the poorer regions participate and to support them.

Last but not least he is a man in a leading position, who did not lose or give up his belonging to the common people, his emphasis, his capacity of listening to the people and his humour and cheerfulness, which perhaps is founded in his deep christian belief and conviction. So I vote for him to be world mayor of !

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As a history student, I am often faced with the history and policy of the city and certainly with the right-wing extremists closely linked to. There are so many different cultures which clash in the university city. But all the time I spend with them in Jena, I never witnessed a confrontation like an attack or provocation of any right-wing extremists. I hereby like to take the opportunity to support Dr.

Jena is a modern and dynamic city with a strong relation to science. Jena is nationally and internationally particularly well known for high class optics and photonics research and development. As Mayor of Jena he took vigorous efforts to develop our city as an international center of research and science.

Thus, Jena is welcoming guest from all over the world every year and hosts international students, research fellows and scientists. In the bygone years and under the administration of Dr. In cooperation with the administrative departments, the universities, research institutes as well as the citizens a great welcome cultural has grown. Due to the multifarious exchange programs in cooperation with partner cities in four continents mutual understanding between different cultures is strongly promoted.

Thanks to the efforts of Dr.

Due to his continuous commitment for Jena and its citizens, I hope Dr. He has given the city of Jena a wonderful image for people like myself from Scotland, through his humanity in issues that affect this turbulent world we live in. He has shown that Jena is not an "little" obscure part of East Germany anymore but an example of positive involvement in world affairs such as raising awareness of world politics which affect us all. I see him as Jena's Bill Clinton, a man of charisma who can speak up and lead, an honest, friendly, artististic and motivating personality.

An exception to the restricted politicians of today! His brilliant sense of perception allows him to analyse situations and problems like a flash and according to his wide knowledge finds solutions based on facts and figures. In addition to this he is able to listen carefully not only to the majority but also to the minority and to measure and weigh the different points of view in his manner and understanding of real democracy.

In this mediative process and seeking not only best but also fair solutions he reaches the goal that different parties keep in friendly touch and in peace. And this he practices in his town Jena but also in further difficult situations of towns and countries in the Middle East. Not to forget his genius sense of humour which makes even laugh his opponents. For this reasons he is the Worldmayor and I vote for him only. By Charles Bonaparte, head of the European Federation of Napoleonic cities 50 cities over 10 European countries , former vice mayor of Ajaccio, France 65 inhabitants Comment: : We hereby vote for Dr.

As Senior Mayor he represents his and our City with a great deal of personal commitment and competence. Evan during the time of the communist dictatorship in the eastern part of Germany he did his work as a civil rights activist, theologian, and counsellor with a lot of commitment, standing up especialy for he victims of the power-holders of the time. After the peaceful Revolution of , he committed himself strongly of the Installation of a democratic constitution and the relevant structures in order to comprehensively establish and secure the political adherence to human rights.

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To overcome the decades lasting conflicts, specially between Israel and the Palestinians is indispensable for the future of all cities in the world and specially for children and youth to meet a future in peace. Only few German comunities have such relations with palestinian cities. In his function in the German organisation of Local Governements he encourages other german mayors to do the same. His firm conviction of unconditional respect for human rights, freedom and responsability guides his daily work for his community Jena.

After change he helped to develop the city of Jena in spite of very difficult conditions into a leading town in the Federal Republic of Germany in the fields of science and economy, he extravagated the boarders between different parties for the collective good of all people. People feel well there in their town. Albrecht Schroter - Mayor of Jena - Germany I noticed his love to people and his deep attention to serve them as we'll as his active and hard work for a world peace.

I respect and appreciate his efforts to create an atmosphere of cooperation in a special model of four areas Germany, France, Israel and Palestine. This raises hope in our heart, that there is a chance, thanks to people like him, for a bright future in the Middle East.

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We look forward to get to know and learn more of the many advantages of his City and the world of science within it. Human development depends on the progress and science, and he serve as inspiration to us all. I wish him many years, as much as he will be elected, to serve the residents of his city and strengthen the relationship between the German nation to Israelis and between the residents of Jena and Hagilboa. Through the twinning we have successfully put in place between the cities of Jena and Aubervilliers, Mayor Schroder has, without question, brought great cultural enhancement to my city.

His career, experience and strong convictions make him a committed and exemplary mayor who fully embodies the qualities required of the World Mayor. Additionally he is taking concrete steps to open the city of Jena to the world by supporting 10 different town twins all over the world. He cares a lot about the international exchange of culture, working methods and education. The town twins are based on a strong civil support that he is encouraging.

He is very active in the Israelian - Palestinian approach by encouraging a trilateral town twinning. Jena, als meine Geburtsstadt, bleibt meine Heimat mit der ich fest verwurzelt bin.

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He is a peaceful person that makes him a wonderful leader and negotiator. It is these attributes that the world needs in the light of increasing aggression and anger. Especially in a position as worldmayor. He is also a very sympathetic and empathic person. That is a great honor for our city, its residents and our mayor. Born in Jena, I know Mr. I was a young girl that time and joined a community of young people at our little church around the corner. What would have become of me, then I would not have enjoyed this space for free thought?

Now he is our mayor for a couple of years and I see how clearly he still follows this way: His work as mayor is seen and felt focused on local development and international networking: for democracy, against anti-democratic movements and for the peaceful coexistence of all. I am deeply convinced that it is exactly what this world needs. Especially now. I really wish that his work may be honoured as World Mayor being an example for all the mayors and politicians of the world.

Thanks for giving this chance. That is why I support him. Macedonia and the city of Jena Germany, his positive attitude, reflected in many fields, and even more in the assistance that he offer to Kriva Palanka to overcome some problems encountered in daily operations. Already in , when only a few people in Germany could imagine, how deep right wing organisations i. Although he is the Mayor of a small city like Jena, his engagement goes beyond the local area, to address wider issues of German and even international concern.

Despite having served as a minister at state-level government and having been the Mayor of Jena for 8 years now, he remains approachable, interested and engaged in local concerns and affairs. However, in supporting his nomination I would like to emphasise his role in the peaceful demonstrations that led to the fall of the wall in In his role as a pastor at the time, he provided active support to the democratic movement and civilians involved in it, as well as being a founding member of the political grouping Democratischer Aufbruch himself.

Another point to highlight is his political engagement against anti-Semitism and right-wing extremism. For instance, he brought into a being a network of German cities that aims to prevent neo-Nazi demonstrations and provides mutual support in the case of them happening.

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He has always been active in supporting culture in the city, as well as dedicating much of his work especially in his role as pastor to the youth. I hope these arguments will support his election. In the local elections held in the GDR in the spring of , he organized a group of young adults to independently observe and document the vote tallying at polling locations so that the fraudulence of the official results could be proven statistically. The publication of this critique was unbelievably courageous within the context of the SED-Regime and it represents a critical step towards the fall of the GDR system and ultimately, German reunification.

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Jena is a blooming and bustling city, full of life and rich in scientific research and creativity. Cultural heritage is maintained, while new forms of culture are sponsored.