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If it were not for us everything would collapse, and the state would fall to pieces.

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We have been driven away, but chaos will bring us back again. V armii neobkhodima samaia strogaia distsiplina. But this sort of talk by the landowners and capitalists will not confuse, intimidate, or deceive the workers and peasants.

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An army needs the strictest discipline; nevertheless the class-conscious workers succeeded in uniting the peasants, succeeded in taking the old tsarist officers into their service, succeeded in building a victorious army. The Red Army established unprecedentedly firm discipline-not by means of the lash, but based on the intelligence, loyalty and devotion of the workers and peasants themselves. And so, to save the working people from the yoke of the landowners and capitalists for ever, to save them from the restoration of their power, it is necessary to build up a great Red Army of Labour.

That army will be invincible if it is cemented by labour discipline.

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The workers and peasants must and will prove that they can properly distribute labour, establish devoted discipline and ensure loyalty in working for the common good, and can do it themselves, without the landowners and in spite of them, without the capitalists and in spite of them. Labour discipline, enthusiasm for work, readiness for self-sacrifice, close alliance between the peasants and the workers - this is what will save the working people from the oppression of the landowners and capitalists for ever.

Organization of these speeches was accomplished by Tsentropechat , the central agency of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee for the Supply and Distribution of Periodicals. They included law enforcement, prosecutor's office, paramilitary gangs, the FSB KGB , mass-media and the court bailiffs service from Moscow itself.

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Archbishop Andrew Maklakov was detained by FSB officers at Vnukovo airport in Moscow on September 16, , and deported from the country without explanation. The ROAC is not involved in politics, but in the bloody conflict between Ukraine and Putin's regime it has acted to support of the freedom of choice of the Ukrainian people.

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Some of the findings from this report were included in the annual report of the US State Department on violations of freedom of religion in The decision to make an arrest should only be given by the court, but before the arrest of these two hierarchs, they were not given any advance notice that the court had made such a decision. Metropolitan Theodore and Bishop Irinarkh were subjected to twelve hours of intense interrogation at the local FSB office.

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  • Concurrently, a search was made of the Synod headquarters and of the residences of the bishops. During the interrogations the two bishops were asked about their relationships with Archbishop Andrei Maklakov : what instructions and how much money was handed over to them, as well as about what channels of communication were being used for contacts among the believers of the ROAC?

    Members of the ROAC, living in Russia, are wrongly accused of extremism and incitement of rhetoric against the Russian population. It was officially stated in that the Internet publication of Archbishop Andrew Maklakov in defense of religious freedom and freedom of choice in the Ukraine, has been recognized by the Russian court system as extremist.

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    We consider the illegal actions of Russian authorities as a new persecution of our Christian Church. The purpose of this persecution is to continue the destruction of the religious organization of the ROAC, intimidate our population, break our spiritual rejection of the Putin regime and the government of the ROC-MP. We call upon all people of goodwill to support the ROAC in its lawful and proper activities, as defined by Russian law and by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and to condemn the tyranny of Putin's regime as it pertains to our church organization.

    Archbishop Andrew of Pavlovskoe and Rockland.