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John first taught English in China during the s, after graduating from Carleton College. He then joined the United Press in as a war correspondent. He met Pegge Parker, a beautiful widowed journalist with an eye toward writing her way around the world.

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They married, living and working in India during the first years of their marriage. The Hlavaceks were then off to New York and next Jamaica, where John and Pegge supported the family by covering news events across the globe. John and Pegge meticulously chronicled their lives before and after they met-and the stories they brought to us from afar. Today, John resides in Omaha, Nebraska. Pegge passed away in November Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Hlucky Books, Condition: New.

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He comes by way of boat, but only after reporting from Japanese-occupied China during the Communist takeover. During John's time as a war correspondent, he was witness to the transformation of British colonies into the free countries of India, Pakistan, Ceylon, and Burma. John also details the life-changing event of meeting and courting journalist Pegge Parker, his future wife.

John's tale of his time in India was written from the collection of letters he sent home to his family detailing his life over seas. He had originally intended the letters for his children and grandchildren to read down the road. After re-reading the letters later in life, John realized that he had "created a personal history of the United Press service in Southeast Asia," and subsequently wanted to share it with others. Seller Inventory APC Shipped from UK. Book Description Hlucky Books.

Seller Inventory A This book is printed on demand. This is a large collection of Mexican border and World War I photographs, and printed materials. This is a collection of correspondence, maps, photographs, publications and scrapbooks of his experience in the First World War.

World War II Manuscript Collections | The State Historical Society of Missouri

Charles E. This piece is a monograph he wrote of his encounter with General MacArthur during the Meuse Argonne campaign in late September This is a collection of official correspondence, field orders, maps, and field manuals for trench warfare and weapons care. This collection contains a complete set of the Rainbow Reveille newsletter of the Rainbow Division Veterans Association. Also included are official documents, journals, periodicals, maps, photographs, and publications concerning the Rainbow Division and the First World War.

This is a collection of orders, correspondence, maps, printed materials, and memoranda in the French and English language. Included in this collection are documents and memorabilia from his service. See curator collections for artifacts and equipment. George T. See curator files for artifacts and equipment. Burnett enlisted in the U. Army in October and was in France one month later. His collection includes correspondence, journals, periodicals, and memorabilia of his service.

Harry C. This collection reflects on his service with the st Machine Gun Bn. This collection contains correspondence, journals, periodicals, and photographs. This is a collection of all his official papers, addresses, and speeches, and correspondence during his career. A good collection of family and official photos are also represented. RG Papers of Sgt. His unit was put on Bataan , but like many other little about his whereabouts are known for the rest of the war. The collection contains correspondence, clippings and photographs.

This collection contains all the research materials generated while writing the book. It contains correspondence, journals, periodicals, and other source materials. The manuscript and hardback copy of his work 6th Virginia Infantry are also included. Along with all other Americans in Manila, he and his family were taken into Japanese custody in early In camp, Fay Bailey supervised the purchase of camp supplies. This collection reveals life for a civilian family locked up in Santo Tomas Internment Camp under Japanese domination.

This collection contains his notebooks and correspondence concerning his investigations. Also included is a lot of memorabilia picked up by an occupationaire , including maps, tourist items, phonograph records, etc. Donald R. Colonel Donald Nugent was head of the Civil Information and Education section in Japan during the Allied Occupation, which dealt predominantly with education and religious issues during the Occupation. He was in charge of the reorganization of the Japanese education system, including the formation of coed schools and the removal of militaristic teachings from the curriculum.

This is a small, but good collection of papers and photographs. This is a great collection of color images of the return to the Philippines and the early days of the Occupation of Japan. Baldus was one of the oldest enlisted men in the 1st Cavalry Division and was almost forty years old when he enlisted in He donated a large collection of artifacts and memorabilia, books, journals, and photographs from the time of his service.

He was reputed to be the first American soldier to set foot on Philippine soil with the American Expeditionary force of After the war he returned to Baguio , Philippines, and set up a lumber business and then one of the largest paper dealerships in the world. This collection of papers, photographs, and news clippings provides great insight into the world of American colonialism in the Philippines.

Halsema was the son of the colonial mayor of Baguio , Philippines, E. He was liberated at Bilibid Prison in February He spent his life collecting everything he could find on the Philippines. Charles M. Smith was given a commission in the U. Army by General MacArthur and then made many covert insertions into the Philippines by submarine. In early Smith took over as guerrilla commander of the 5th Military District on the island of Samar.

This is a great collection of artifacts, official correspondence and printed materials. He was killed in October on a trip to coordinate signals intelligence with t he China-Burma-India Theater of Operations. Collection contains documents and two hundred seventy-seven photographs of Bataan - Corregidor operations and the early days in SWPA. After the war, Nelson served in the occupation of Japan in the city of Kyoto.

Also herein is a great monograph from a witness of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Chosen to train Filipino recruits just before the war began, Childress and his men were routed in the battle of Malabang in When surrender came Childress chose the life of a guerrilla and commanded the th Guerrilla Division on Mindanao under Wendell Fertig. The collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, oral histories and photographs Accession He was the son of one of the foremost, turn of the century American scholars on the Philippines, Dr.

Dean Worcester. He activated his status as a naval reserve officer in the Philippines after Pearl Harbor and earned the Silver Star for exploits undertaken in Manila after the Japanese invasion and before the evacuation to Corregidor. Sent on a secret mission to the southern islands, Worcester escaped the fall of Corregidor and evaded capture on the island of Mindanao when the Philippines were surrendered in Worcester served in the guerrilla movement on Mindanao and Negros before his evacuation by submarine in After the war he worked for the U.

High Commissioner monitoring Philippine Politics. Originally constituted in Manila and comprised of decorated combat veterans in the SWPA , the Honor Guard became a much desired post in occupied Japan. At the end of the war he was again back in Yokohama, and then was chosen to join the SCAP Government Section to help rewrite the Japanese constitution. The collection contains artifacts, books, correspondence, photos, and printed materials.

Credited as creating the first tank destroyer group for the Army during World War II, he also served as an American aide to the Chinese Nationalist General commanding the southern half of China. He was the first U. He was decorated by the U. Army and recognized by both the Chinese and French governments for his military advising.

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Contained herein are all of his letters home during the war and a phenomenal collection of photographs showing nose art of 5th and 13th Air Force planes. Included are artifacts, memorabilia, and photographs from this time in his life. Boone served on Bataan as a corporal with the 31st Infantry Regiment. After a period of hiding, Boone emerged to command the guerrilla resistance on Bataan. He served in that capacity until the return of U.

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Boone earned the Distinguished Service Cross for his performance during the war. After the war Boone resigned his commission, but reenlisted when the Korean War began. He served as an intelligence officer with the X Corps in Korea. This collection contains both the papers of the Bataan Military District Headquarters of the guerrilla resistance movement in the Philippines and materials from the Korean War. This collection contains a great deal about the ship as well as Mr. He was responsible for the destruction of Cebu City before the Japanese invasion and evaded capture upon the surrender of the Philippines in Comprised of the correspondence, diaries, manuscripts and photographs of the veterans of the Rainbow Division during World War I and World War II, this donation also included many Rainbow Division artifacts that are now in our curatorial files.

Especially interesting is the multitude of panoramic photos from the World War I era. He also collected a vast amount of materials during his research all of which is now in the MacArthur Archives. Collection also includes all the materials Bartsch collected for works on the air war over Java and the campaign on Guadalcanal during World War II. Chekel is a collector of anything related to journalism in World War II.