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Here no difference is made between the good and the bad. For it is good for all men to hear His voice and live, by passing to the life of godliness from the death of ungodliness. Of this death the Apostle Paul says, "Therefore all are dead, and He died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto Him which died for them and rose again. For in this first resurrection none have a part save those who shall be eternally blessed; but in the second, of which He goes on to speak, all, as we shall learn, have a part, both the blessed and the wretched.

The one is the resurrection of mercy, the other of judgment.

And therefore it is written in the psalm, "I will sing of mercy and of judgment: unto Thee, O Lord, will I sing. For it is to show this He says, "because He is the Son of man.

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For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. In the ceremony of the Israelites there were certain national feasts kept annually. The third order of these was the Feast of Firstfruits, an annual occasion of consecration that was solemnized at the beginning of harvest time.

Daniel and The Revelation

And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye be come into the land which I give unto you, and shall reap the harvest thereof, then ye shall bring a sheaf of the firstfruits of your harvest unto the priest. Leviticus Martin DeHaun points out that the harvest was divided into three parts.

It was one harvest, the fruit of one season, presented on three different occasions. First, there was the sheaf of firstfruits, the earnest or pledge of the greater harvest that would follow.

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This beautifully typifies the Resurrection of Christ who, by coming forth from the tomb, accomplished the work of the redemption and guaranteed for all who believe in Him a greater resurrection when He returns. After the firstfruits followed the harvesting of the larger part of the crops. Our risen Lord is now in Heaven.

What is the first resurrection?

He will come again even as He said. But the harvest is not ended as yet. It is not completed until the gleanings are added. Always there are loose ears that fall by the way, and these must be gathered up. This is called the gleaning. The gleanings are those tribulation saints who had not heard and believed the Gospel before the rapture of the Church. Then follows the millennial age during which all the saints of every age will reign with Christ a thousand years. What bright prospect for those who put their trust in the Son of God!

What Is The Second Resurrection?

But tell me, are you prepared for the coming of the Lord and the first Resurrection? When the thousand years are expired, Satan will be loosed for a season and will carry on his rebellion where he left off before the millennium when he was cast into the bottomless pit. We shudder at this unceasing torment without intermission, this never-ending existence in painful agony.

There is yet an account to be settled with all those who died in rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ. A Great White Throne has been erected. We are about to view the greatest assize ever conducted.

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Here the hated and despised Nazarene will sit in righteous judgment of all who refused to acknowledge His Messiahship and Saviourhood. It is the gloomiest hour for that part of the human race that spurned the love of God and denied His only begotten Son. This is the resurrection of the unbelieving dead. Though they are spiritually dead having not eternal life, they are standing before God physically alive in their resurrection bodies.

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From every part of the earth the bodies of the wicked dead are raised to receive the final sentence, banishment from the presence of God and eternal punishment in the lake of fire. Who will be judged here? The answer is that there will not be one single believer in Christ that will appear before the judgment of the Great White Throne. Only the unsaved will be there, appearing in a physical body to be condemned to Hell.

What kind of resurrection is the

All will be there by their own personal choice. Let me declare, to begin with, my acceptance of the postulation that both first and second resurrections are bodily resurrections. In Scripture, resurrection has no proper meaning if it is not understood as bodily resurrection.

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Rising from the dead necessarily involves the resurrection of the body. If there is no resurrection of the body, there is no resurrection at all. Gnostic notions of a mere continuity of the spirit are destructive of the Christian faith; and we should be quite clear that they are no more applicable to Christians than they are to Christ.