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But after just over a year as party chair, she threw in the towel amid an unceasing storm of criticism. What went wrong?

By Lena Niethammer more The brutal murder of a politician in central Germany has led to widespread speculation about the motive and the identity of the perpetrator. Some see it as retaliation for his pro-refugee stance, but investigators have their doubts.

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As the end of her tenure approaches, Angela Merkel has a view of the world that couldn't be much grimmer. She sees the pillars of the world order collapsing and yet, strangely, she doesn't seem to be doing much about it. Since then, however, progress has been limited. Berlin has wasted billions of euros and resistance is mounting.

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With the AfD now holding seats in every state parliament and in the federal parliament in Berlin, churches, unions and other organizations across Germany are wrestling with a tough question: Is it better to kick the populists out or to try to integrate them? The Gestapo spy Paul Reckzeh denounced a group of Nazi critics in Berlin and two of them were executed.

With the sophisticated family Home Press News Search. The Rulantica expedition is launched.

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Technical facts and figures about Rulantica. Ecological measures: Rulantica — The new indoor water world at Europa-Park.

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“It is not a matter of recycling old ballpoint pens”

Sustainability in and around Rulantica. Rulantica — The new indoor water world at Europa-Park.

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