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Netflix has full visibility of their experience, and it empowers its employees to build better customer experiences and optimise touchpoints. A clear path is visible for employees to understand and take action on what needs be improved to prevent friction for the customer.

The Relentless Pursuit of Advertiser ROI

For example, Netflix, through optimising customer touchpoints, has developed an extensive FAQ with the sole purpose of removing friction. Transforming unhappy customers into satisfied customers or even better into advocates. There has already been a mention of teams within an organisation becoming siloed, but much like the ease of talking about personalisation — true company wide focus on improving Customer Experience is equally difficult to enact.

Particularly in hypergrowth and scaling phases. So how did Netflix manage this? Well, an initial focus on data from inception meant that customer experience permeates the Netflix DNA. When CX data is at the heart of your organisation it ensures all wheels are turning in the right direction. At Chattermill, we find that providing insight from customers is utilised best when it is passed across numerous teams, to give a full picture of how your customers think and feel.

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The more people who have access to insight the higher number of satisfied customers. We work with lots of super fast scale-ups to established brands, and when we perform analysis internally,the data shows a clear pattern. As a reason to ignore customer feedback thankfully, this is becoming less common.

Perhaps, if you have a product comparable to the first affordable motor vehicle that enables mass movement and changes society, the statement may hold. During the early days of streaming, the business looked to split DVD rentals and streaming with a separate price structure for each. The result?

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Netflix recovered but learnt the hard way that ignoring your customers will see them jump ship. But the key takeaway here is how and when you ask for feedback. So to conclude, customer experience is integral to growth. Not only does a best in class customer experience enable you to disrupt large or established competitors but also companies that lead in CX typically have 1. So not only are your customers benefiting from your focus on their needs and sufficient personalisation, but your employees are also able to leverage all of that customer data in a highly motivated way.

Happy customers and motivated employees are the base of all growth. This article originally appeared on Chattermill Insights and has been republished with permission. Find out how to syndicate your content with B2C. Join over 50, of your peers and receive our weekly newsletter which features the top trends, news and expert analysis to help keep you ahead of the curve. These tactics are….

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    Netflix The ultimate example of a company disrupting an industry with customer experience? Netflix is customer-obsessed Netflix is obsessive in its pursuit of customer satisfaction.

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    It was stirring stuff against a decent Arsenal team on the night. I think Leicester deservedly came out on top.

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    • Ricardo Pereira and Demarai Gray embrace after sealing another three points. They were terrific in the second half of the second half.

      The LCFC website employs cookies to improve user experience. If you continue on this website you will be providing your consent to our use of cookies. Find out more. LCFC Radio. Published 22 hrs 25 mins ago. More on this story City's relentless pursuit of success Expand photo.

      Expand photo. Leicester City's Remembrance Fixture All four corners of the crowd paid their tribute on the Club's Remembrance Fixture in rainy conditions. Dennis Praet Belgium international Dennis Praet has once again impressive from the bench. Brendan Rodgers Brendan Rodgers watched on attentively from the sidelines. First Team. Sunderland 1 Leicester City Development Squad 2. Crystal Palace 0 Leicester City 2.