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They are now dead and are roaming the basement of Kurn's Tower as thick boned skeletons.

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Each different spawn drops a different item. Once you get all three, you'll need to remove the last gem from the skull. Hand them in. You receive "Soldier Head Plans". You now need to forge your Soldier's Pike. Find Weaponsmith Grugl outside the fort in East Cabilis.

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You'll receive "Soldier's Pike Head" blacksmithing, 15 trivial. If you fail the combine you'll receive your Soldier's Pike Head back trivial is under Congratulations, you have your Soldier's Pike! You receive " A Sealed Note " which reads:. He's sitting in a corner of one of the buildings near the East Cabilis zone.

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You now need to seek out the other two heads. The second head can be found in the Swamp of No Hope, off of a froglok outlander at location , This is near the waterfall leading to the Trakanon's Teeth zoneline. There are two static spawns there.

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Once you have all three heads, go to Warlord Hikyg and turn in the three heads and your Soldier's Pike. You receive Trooper Head Plans. You'll receive "Trooper's Pike Head" blacksmithing, 15 trivial. If you fail the combine you'll receive your Trooper's Pike Head back trivial at 74, not trivial at 63 blacksmithing. Congratulations, you've received your Trooper's Pike! You need to seek out the three Warlords, and perform a task for them to get their recommendation to promote you to the rank of Legionnaire.

Find and kill Sarnaks named a Sarnak legionnaire. Hand this in to Warlord Geot.

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You receive a "Legionnaire Recommendation" identifies as "Lake Garrison". Now go to Warlord Vyzer in Warslik's Woods.

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They each drop Goblin Warlord Warbeads. Hand this in to Warlord Vyzer.

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He is infamous throughout Estard for his frequent get-rich-quick schemes, which seldom work in his favour. The local children complain that he bullies them, and people about town remark on the many differences between Pollock and his brother. At the beginning of the game, a man at the tavern in Estard tells the Hero that Pike owes him money, and to remind him to pay up. Pearl expresses distaste for her brother-in-law, and warns the hero about spending too much time with him.

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Pike also used to have the Sizzling Stone until he sold it to Bulgio , foolishly thinking that he has gotten the better end of the deal. The Sizzling Stone is the item needed to get Sir Mervyn to join the party. Pike is shorter than his brother Pollock, and much less muscular. Christina Yue, Customer Learning Manager Pike Electric is the leading integrated provider of a full suite of outsourced construction, repair, and engineering services.

A crew member may report to more than one crew leader in a day or over the weekly period. There is no constant supervisor from the crew structure perspective, so the original set up leaves the supervisor-based system hierarchy redundant. A crew leader will have different members on his list depending on the work order and will need multiple timesheets created for the week.

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  • The crew leader needs access to real-time crew data to build his crew list efficiently. Challenges Along the way, Pike encountered and conquered some major integration challenges: Web service was not generally available and was still in development. Pike leaders worked with Oracle product development to define and communicate specific requirements.