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Send us your burning question. Sign up for the EarthBeat Weekly e-newsletter with our latest news and content about faith and climate change. Reducing a carbon footprint year by year. Nov 6, This article appears in the Small Earth Stories feature series. View the full series. Sakimoto license plate. The streets of San Francisco as classroom Oct 27, Just as the landscape directs where we can build homes and businesses, economic geography shapes our lives.

It tends to define the opportunities Montanans have — or long for — as we try to make a decent living, support our families and invest in our communities. But what does all our talk about jobs and the economy get Montana workers in a state where wages have risen with low unemployment in recent years, but are still painfully modest, at just 72 percent of the national average? The graphics that follow, the first installment of the Long Streets reporting project , are an effort to begin answering that question, using the most comprehensive county-level job data available from the U.

Bureau of Economic Analysis. An annoying whistling sound found its way through a window and into the small office bound by four walls of glass. Martin is an eagle watcher, a technician for West.

His job is to sit alone in a tower for seven hours a day with binoculars in hand waiting for golden eagles, and the occasional bald eagle, to show up as a spot in the sky. Wind turbines are a common sight in eastern Wyoming, though perhaps not as emblematic as trucks hauling rig equipment to and from oil wells or train cars topped neatly with Powder River Basin coal, sedately following the tracks from Cheyenne to the Montana border.

But there are thousands of wind jobs, from the people who scale the towers to check a finicky motor to the bird watchers. British Columbia sprays its forests with the herbicide glyphosate to eradicate trees like aspen and birch on regenerating forest stands to make room for more commercially valuable conifer species like pine and Douglas fir. But experts say it also removes one of the best natural defenses against wildfire.

Genetic footprints in the snow

A forests ministry spokesperson said the government recognizes that aspen and other deciduous trees can help reduce the wildfire threat to communities, and that in the future, more thought will be put into planting broadleaf trees near homes and businesses. Nonetheless, the rules about aspen in managed forest stands remain largely unchanged.

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The concern is that trees like aspen will out-compete conifer species, which are the lifeblood of the timber industry. Over the last three years, 42, hectares of B. David Bernhardt, deputy secretary of the Department of Interior, has so many potential conflicts of interest he has to carry a small card listing them all.

In recent weeks his boss, Ryan Zinke, has come under increased scrutiny for a Montana land deal. If Trump reshuffles his Cabinet and Zinke steps down, it will likely be Bernhardt who steps up. But even without the top job, Bernhardt is already helping steer the 70,person department. In a year and a half, he has made it easier for federal authorities to approve drilling projects on land and offshore, has proposed narrowing habitat protections for endangered species, and is pushing California to divert more of its water from conservation to agricultural interests.

Already, the department has offered more than 17 million acres of federal lands for oil and gas leases. This has sparked a major battle over the leases on offer: 88 percent of the parcels offered in fiscal had protests filed against them, according to the Bureau of Land Management, compared to 35 percent under the last administration. MWN also receives generous support from its many loyal readers through donations and gifts.

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Thank you all. Sign in. Get started. This novel has not had the coverage it deserves! Although this is a work of fiction, it reads like non-fiction. It is so chocked full of historical in I don't even know where to begin with writing this review of It is so chocked full of historical information, but written so beautifully and with so much description and so much heart that you get pulled right into the story, feeling every heartbreak and moment of fear and anxiety and heartfelt warmth and love.

I cannot say enough about this book!

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I loved it! We have all heard about the Nazi concentration camps and the tormented lives of the Jewish population in Germany, but very few of us have heard of the Purge of the Kulaks in Russia, where under Stalin's rule, hundreds of thousands of Russian-born farmers whose families had emigrated from Germany were removed from their property and taken to labor camps in Siberia.

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  6. This story follows the lives of the Jahlne family as they are forced to leave their farm to travel by horse and wagon with other German families only to later be transferred to cattle cars on a train. Here, they are subjected to overcrowded conditions, starvation and brutal interrogations by the NKVD. Upon reaching their destination of the town of Onega in western Siberia, the family is separated with Johannes taken with the other men to one labor camp and his wife, Katerina, and two oldest daughters, Magdalena and Karolina, being taken to another labor camp. Their youngest children are left to fend for themselves, with only Anya being "adopted" by an elderly woman.

    Pamela Atherstone writes with so much emotion and detail that I found myself not only reaching for a tissue, but actually sobbing!

    In the Eye of the Wind : A Travel Memoir of Prewar Japan

    This story isn't just about the devastation these German families endured. It is also a story about the strength they had in their love of family and their faith in God. Beautifully written by an author I plan to watch in the future. Jul 04, Susan King rated it it was amazing.

    I really liked this book. An historical novel, it takes place in Russia. The main characters are of German descent and the story hinges on their treatment by the Russians. The character development is great. I both grieved and rejoiced with the main characters.

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    The book really drew me in; reading before bed, "one more chapter" turned into staying up way too late! I learned a lot about this era of Russian history, all of it new to me, and I'm eager for a sequel to find out the rest of I really liked this book.

    I learned a lot about this era of Russian history, all of it new to me, and I'm eager for a sequel to find out the rest of the story. Thanks, Pamela Atherstone, for a good read! Sep 20, Terry rated it it was amazing. Loved, loved, loved!! Claudia rated it it was amazing Oct 17, Allredhier rated it did not like it Apr 05, Bev Graham rated it it was amazing Oct 13, Jennifer Hughes rated it really liked it Feb 07, Amina rated it did not like it Jan 20, Janet Steigerwald rated it it was amazing Mar 06,