Manual HTML Codes: Characters & Symbols (Quick Review Notes)

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How to insert Greek symbols very quickly.

A tutorial on character code issues

When you create a presentation for a graduate thesis or dissertation, often, you need to insert Greek letters into the slide. Mathematical symbols and Greek letters are pervasive today and used everywhere, from physics to social science.

Some Mathematical Symbols Supported by HTML

You may use the equation block for inserting those symbols, but this block will have different format settings than the rest of your text, and you will not be able to edit it in older versions of Microsoft Office. Ask Question.

Backwards j symbol

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Adding Special Symbols in HTML Using ASCII Codes

How to quickly insert Greek symbols into your slide When you create a presentation, you might need to insert Greek symbols into the slide. This tip demonstrates how to insert Greek symbols using the equation block.


How to insert the mathematical and other symbols into the PowerPoint slide Sometimes you need to insert the special symbols to your slide. There are several different ways that you can use, but here you can see fast and easy way is to use the equitation block.

See also How to insert Greek symbols very quickly. How to create water stains effects in PowerPoint There are a lot of ways how to show your picture in the PowerPoint slide.

Over time, this table had limitations which were overcome in different ways. First, there were "extended" or "8-bit" variations to accomodate European languages primarily, or mathematical symbols.

Basic Formatting

These are not "standards", but used by different computers, languages, manufacturers, printers at different times. Thus there are many variations of the 8-bit or extended "ascii table". None of them is reproduced here, but you can read about them in the references below ref. By the 's there was a need to include non-English languages, including those that used other alphabets, e. Chinese, Hindi, Persian etc.

The UNICODE representation uses 16 bits to store each alphanumeric character, which allows for many tens of thousands of different characters to be stored or displayed ref. Even as these new standards are phased in, the 7-bit ASCII table continues to be the backbone of modern computing and data storage.

Mac Gems: Characters makes it easy to type special characters and symbols | Macworld

It is one of the few real standards that all computers understand, and everything from e-mail to web browsing to document editing would not be possible without it. It is so ubiquitous that the terms "text file" and "ascii file" have come to mean the same thing for most computer users. Back to Top 7-bit Ascii Table The table that is reproduced below is the most commonly used 7-bit Ascii table.

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