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Most ephemera is donated to the Library, though occasionally we buy items. As there is so much to collect, we select the types and topics that are most likely to be useful to future researchers.

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We collect posters, magazines, newspapers, food labels, billboards, catalogues and even junk mail — all showcasing the art of persuasion in Victoria, past and present. The Library's collection of political ephemera is an invaluable resource for researching the social and political movements that have rocked Victoria.

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The Library collects programmes, publicity brochures and handbills from theatrical productions, comedy shows, circus performances and more. Skip to main content.

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    Surprisingly, the great bulk of video and audio expression has, until recently, been ephemeral. Early TV broadcasts were not preserved indeed, the technology to preserve them postdates the invention of television, and even after such technology came into use in the s, much of the content of programming not in prime time was destroyed for economic reasons well into the s.

    Even if radio and television stations preserve archives of their broadcasts, those backcatalogs are inaccessible in practice to the general public, leaving it to a small number of underground tape traders to exchange the rare, lucky moments when something unexpected or historical came across the air.


    Printed ephemera gave way to audio and video ephemera in the twentieth century. These present even more of a preservation problem than printed materials. Although seldom made available for libraries, when videotapes are acquired for archival preservation they are found to be made on low quality tape, poorly processed, and damaged from abuse by users.

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    The large capacity and reach provided by resources such as the Internet Archive and YouTube have made finding and sharing video ephemera past and present dramatically easier. As ephemera are items that are not supposed to be retained, they are easily accessible and attractive for collectors. Most of them can be obtained by either asking family members or friends to save it. Printed ephemera usually contain various promotional images and texts. Different themes, types, sizes, and shapes make these items perfect for collecting.

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    Online collector catalogs exist to showcase different types of ephemera and provide information to enthusiasts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Ephemera disambiguation. The Free Dictionary. Retrieved 6 October Manchester Metropolitan University. Retrieved November 8,