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That would be troublesome if that happens" Leo said when he realized how eye catching this place would be if someone sees it.

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Doesn't that mean, this place is practically impregnable? I'll become OP within these walls and maybe semi.. OP outside?

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Well, there's still a high chance of getting killed if I'm not careful enough" Leo was laughing evilly when he realized all of this. But hey, doesn't that mean that it's still possible for someone to drop an atomic bomb here? How stupid of me. The sky is far more dangerous than the ground as you don't have any places to hide if you're up there flying" Leo slapped his thigh as it dawned upon him. I should see how the stele works before leaving though" Leo muttered as he got down from the tower and made his way inside the the Main Hall. I already put my hands on the stele but nothing is happening system".

So much for my excitement" Lei was disappointed with it.

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It's like those strategy games I played before. You system, might not know it but I always ranked number 1 when I played strategy games, even though you need to occupy real life resource sites here but the essence is still the same" Leo boast to the system when he realized how this Lord's Mode works.

Leo walked out from the Main Hall and started to walk towards the Gate but just a bit away from the Gate he gazed around his surroundings. You have completed the Main Quest: Build the based of your Stronghold. Can't wait to read more?

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Want to show some support? Visit my Patreon page and become a patron and get additional chapters ahead! I hope he is somewhat selfish and not evil, i dont like purely evil or good, i hope MC is more Chaotic neutral in his morality. Background default yellow dark. Font Nunito Sans Merriweather.

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    Use Cloak's black, now you only need 7. Then Dagger's yellow can remove attacks, and they can generate tiles and thus AP in both colors, which is especially helpful if you need one of those two to beat the horseman. It won't help the match damage, or any attack tiles that already exist, but being able to dampen Apocalypse a little can help you survive the match long enough to deal with it all. Carnage produces an endless supply of attack tiles. Medusa provides healing and purple. Easy as pie. Medusa and g4mora have worked for me in final round. Even got rng lucky a twice and got "The Deadliest Woman…" before even cleared a single henchmen.

    Dont forget to request team up! And second tips, war the horsemen with the sword reduce your dommage by big percentage.

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    2. PSICOPOESIA: Psyche: poems. English translation by Ann McGarrell (Italian Edition)?
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    4. Before blowing all your nukes, remove this horsemen. In lower difficulty, once war is out, you can easily snipe Apocalypse even if other horsemen are still there. A little late but for the next time, use hulk3,kk and storm 3 or 2. I defeated him easily. Hulk tanks and creates green, create more green with kk using pink, use storm green again and again. While kk heals through.