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They both follow the same Jesus, as do we. Martin Luther was not the first to open Scriptures and exclaim, " Where did these come from?

How do you teach Mid Act Dispensational Pauline truth to others? Part 1

In my opinion the foundation for fundamentalism and dispensationalis etc. Too proud to humbly submit to the authoritative teaching of the Church. A typically American phenomena too. The American religions are really fanciful, and ahistorical. Read the bible mix with some fanciful history shake and voila…a new doctrine, or even new denomination is started. Not being of English heritage, I find the religions that are derived from the various English denominations are really strange.

They have alot of English cultural residuals. By that I mean residuals from the English Reformation, a mixture of Puratinism, Methodism and Anglicanism plus English nationalism and political attitudes from 16 th and 17th centuries controversies tossed in. Anyway, rather than arguing about the points of dispensationalisim I would instead point them toward the CCC, Navarre Bible Commentary and encyclicals of the 19 th 20 th century Popes. Pope Pius IX and later. Noah and the flood 3. Moses, the Law and Israel 4.

The birth and ministry of our Lord 6. Pentecost and the beginning of the church 7. The future tribulation that will come on the earth 8. The coming Antichrist 9. Persecution of the Catholic church The final conflict between Satan and those on the earth The great judgment A new heavens and new earth will be made The heavenly city will come down from heaven to earth The eternal age will begin and God will dwell with his children. If the Church is not the Bride of Christ, why does Paul speak as though it is? This is circular reasoning.

Even so, I will confine myself to quoting Pauline epistles to show you that even Paul himself does not promote your theology. Paul also emphasizes the importance of works in numerous places Rom , 2 Cor , Gal , Eph , Philip , Titus Paul tells us that true circumcision, the sign of the Jewish covenant, is a matter of the heart Rom , Col He later tells us that not all Israelites truly belong to Israel, but that the children of the promise are the true Israelites, showing that the followers of Christ, both Jew and Gentile, are the true members of Israel Rom Yours are some surprising beliefs.

Let us turn to Scripture to see if St. Paul actually taught what you claim:. Dis-obedience means a loss of saving faith. Here, Paul is emphasizing that works must be done in faith, not outside of faith.

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If they are done outside of faith, we are in a system of debt God owes us. If they are done in faith as James requires , we are in a system of grace God rewards us. Obedience is achieved not by faith alone, but by doing good works. This examination of conscience is a pious Catholic practice.

dispensational criticisms

Our faith, which is a gift from God, must be nurtured. Faith is not a one-time event that God bestows upon us. Titus - good deeds are excellent and profitable to men just like the Old Testament Scriptures in 2 Tim. Good deeds further justify us before God. This, of course, must be true, because those who do works outside of faith are in a system of debt, not of grace more on that later. But faith alone does not justify. A man is justified by works, and not by faith alone. Salvation of the Gentiles, we will not find in the O.

If the Gentiles are only to look to Paul for their teaching that only relates to them What last trumpet is Paul talking about, and where does he talk about the first trumpet, or even explains the trumpets? A premise false in that it grew, and grew, and grew into its notions in the absence of Romans , to begin with. Sort of like Martin Luther's erroneous notion that a spiritually dead institution could be "reformed" when what it needed was a complete doing away with, that it might then start from scratch.

For, to this day, there is still no salvation in that inistitutions most basic of its hellish doctrines Jan 10, I take it you don't know? It was not a statement, it was a question, did you notice the question mark? In both your reply's you answered more like a politician, without actually answering the question, A simple yes or no would have sufficed. I take it "a lack of" in your mind means error, Jan 12, Not being sensitive at all; just tired of answering questions when I know that, unless viewed from a similar perspective, we're not going to get anywhere with one another.

I really can't clear that up any more than that. Go back through several pages of threads, and see for yourself if such difference between perspectives is not only the reality, but the result I no longer feel inclined to engage. Plenty of others on here willing to with you. But, perhaps your better off investing your time with those who see the various issues from a perspective similar to yours.

The best to you in that Last edited: Jan 12, Danoh: "But, perhaps your better off investing your time with those who see the various issues from a perspective similar to yours. Proverbs ,13 "Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honor is humility. Jan 13, I don't see anything relating to the trumpets, or even excusing Paul from not teaching about the trumpets in Basics of Mid-Acts Dispensationalism.

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Maybe I'm missing something. Everything I would say to you, and say concerning this subject would be found in Rom Abraham what was he? Was he a Jew when he was saved? He did not have the Law, that was not to come till latter, and he was not circumcised yet, that would not come till ch. Hide in God, in plain sight. Beforehand which the Greek word means "I preach the gospel beforehand", before there was a Israel, or a Jew. Did Peter really have no way of finding this out from the O. Bullinger , emphasized a dispensational boundary, as in Acts , but did not apply this boundary line to the Pauline epistles.

Bullinger considered that the Pauline epistles, as a whole, whether or not they were written before or after Acts in almost all of his writings. Bullinger thus had not applied his Acts 28 position consistently to his exposition of Paul's epistles until later in life and then only in one book.

Thus, most of his books had already been published, along with the writings of Robert Anderson, view Paul's epistles monolithically and are then quite compatible with Mid-Acts hyperdispensationalism. The Mid-Acts position and the Acts 28 position differ mainly on when the normative portion of Paul's ministry to the church began. Both hyperdispensationalism and ultradispensationalism see the Gospel accounts as for Israel in the Mosaic dispensation.

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Mid-Acts types take all of Paul's epistles to be directly written to the church, thus accepting the practice of the Lord's Supper as for that dispensation of grace, but the Acts 28 position takes only Paul's prison epistles those written while in prison after Acts 28 to be directly applicable to the church today, thus denying the Lord's Supper for today. Thus, it has nothing to do with the newly-revealed mystery to and through the apostle Paul, who is not sent out until years later with the new ministry to the gentiles to establish a new church which is composed of both believing Israelites and believing gentiles, not just Israelites which includes proselytes to Judaism , as in Acts 2.

Paul, it is specifically noted, was sent to preach the gospel but not to baptize, unlike notably the Lord's commission to his apostles. The new church is not obligated to any Jewish rituals like water baptism , according to the determination of the Council of Jerusalem recorded in Acts Bullinger held that Paul's authoritative teaching began after the conclusion of the Book of Acts, a viewpoint that is now characterized as Acts 28 ultradispensationalism chapter 28 being the concluding chapter of the book.