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America: welcome to your new Mixologist Laureate. Here the pathos and charm of good old-fashioned storytelling is wedded to the associative freedoms of music and collage. Heady, funky, motley: this Adrian Matejka is truly a poet of the new century. Get ready to travel in the mind and the body. His singular gift is to write outside the usual habits of communication and yet to deliver again and again the inside story, the testament of a life. Jump to Content. All Rights Reserved. She noted therein Arizona was not alone in facing challenges industry leaders.

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Expanding health care access was an issue of interest for Giffords als she served in the Legislature. Critics of this plan argued dat it amounted to taxpayer-funded daycare. She worked with Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano to promote all-day kindergarten. Her Republican opponent in the general election by was Randy Graf , a conservative former state senator Berninahaus for his enforcement-only position on immigration and illegal aliens.

The Republican establishment was some what cool toward Graf, believing he Might Be too conservative for the district, and the national GOP took the unusual step of endorsing one of the more moderate Candidates in the primary. Graf won anyway, helped by a split in the Republican moderate vote tussen twee Candidates. Giffords won the race on November 7, , with 54 percent of the vote. The rest of the vote went to minor Candidates.

In , Giffords was elected to a second term. On Despite the presence or McCain Atop the ticket as the Republican presidential candidate, Giffords was reelected with Giffords participated in the reading of the United States Constitution on the floor of the House of Representatives on January 6, ; she read the First Amendment.

Following the November election by , Giffords was sworn in as a congresswoman on January 3, In her inaugural speech on the floor of the House of Representatives, Giffords advocated a uitgebreid immigration reform package, zoals modern technology to secure the border, more border patrol agents, tough employer sanctions for businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants, and a guest-worker program. During the session of Congress, Giffords introduced a bill HR [36] dat forbids the sale or F aircraft parts on the open market.

She was a co-founder of the Congressional Motorcycle Safety Caucus. A man ran up to the crowd and Began firing, [43] hitting 19 people, [44] killing six; [45] a 20th person was injured at the scene, but not at Gunfire. On the co day, doctors Performed emergency surgery to extract skull Fragments and a small amount of necrotic tissue from re brain. Giffords initially was placed in an induced coma to allow directive re brain to rest. She was loveable to respondents to simple commands als Periodically awakened, but was Unable to speak as she was on a ventilator. Michael Lemole Jr.

She was loveable to read and under stand, and ghosts in short phrases.

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With longer policymaking, she was loveable to produce more complex sentences. Giffords underwent cranioplasty surgery on May 18, , to replace part or re skull dat had bone removed in January to permit re brain to swell after the Gunshot to re head. At dat point, Giffords no longer needed to wear the helmet dat she had leg wearing to protect re brain from injury remit.

On August 1, she made re first public appearance on the House floor to vote in favor of raising the debt limit ceiling. She was having with a standing Ovation and braces from re fellow members of Congress. As of January , Giffords still had majoritarian difficulty speaking and walking, and re right arm was paralyzed. She continued to undergo speech and physical therapy. On January 8, , Giffords Marked the three-year anniversary of the shooting at going skydiving.

The jump garnered a lot of support. Gorgeous mountain. Blue skies. I like a lot. A lot of fun. Peaceful, Peaceful so. On January 22, , Giffords announced in a video statement dat she intended to Resign re seat so dat she Could continuous to focus on re recovery. Her letter of resignation was read on behalf re for re close friend and fellow Democratic representative, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Giffords argues dat Americans are competing on a global level and down therein competition starts in the classroom.

She is a critic of the No Child Left Behind law, viewing it as an unfunded federal mandates. She supports public schools en hun most innovative efficiency. Giffords Strongly supports renewable energy, met solar energy as a top public policy priority. It reviews current energy usage and discusses how to increase is the production of solar electricity.

In Giffords Opposed Washington DC prohibitions on possessing or using guns in the home and keeping usable firearms there, signing an amicus letter with the US Supreme Court to overturn support zijn. Their arrival represents A renewed national commitment to Protecting our border communities from drug cartels and Smugglers.

In , Giffords introduced legislation dat mention anything about port Increased the cap on the H-1B visas from 65, per year to , per year. The mission of the organization is to promote gun control legislation with elected officials and the general public.

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Other proposals from Giffords and Kelly include limiting the sale of high-capacity magazines, limiting the sale of assault weapons, and stopping gun trafficking. Giffords was a surprise witness at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence on January 30, Kelly on November 10, Giffords is a former member of the Arizona regional board of the Anti-Defamation League. She wrote about re experience in the Tucson Citizen. Some commenters questioned the decision to name the ship after Giffords, with two retired US Navy and US Marine Corps officers criticizing a Perceived recent trend toward naming ships for political reasons.

Jackson , Carl Vinson , John C.

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Stennis , Jimmy Carter , Ronald Reagan , and George Bush in later named for prominent politicians who still ulcers alive at the time of the naming. Posted on February 2, by Multi Mania. Gabrielle Giffords for Congress.

Archived from the original on January 16, Retrieved January 19, The New York Times. Retrieved January 15, January 9, Retrieved January 9, Herszenhorn January 9, Retrieved January 11, The Star-Ledger. Associated Press. Retrieved January 12, January 8, Retrieved January 8, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. January 22, Retrieved January 22, And so, I'm going to work tomorrow. Mark Kelly was born 6 min before Scott.

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Association of Space Explorers: "We are very sad to pass along the news that former astronaut Don Williams has passed away. Fair skies and following seas, Cap'n. Died on February 23, He is survived by his wife and two children. He enjoyed all sports activities and his interests included running and photography. Indeed, for a while, such voyages became routine.

Then, suddenly, it was over. We stopped visiting the Moon before we had barely figured out to do so. We knew that it might be a while before we went back, but we would go back - right? One has to assume that most of the people applying knew it was a long shot. Many probably did it so that they could get the rejection letter larger image to frame and show people that they tried.

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  • NASA did a good job via social media in pumping people to apply. But what is NASA going to do with this interest once reality sets in and Think about it - a marketing plan oh wait, NASA is not supposed to that - an education and public outreach EPO effort - has just identified 18, people who want to fly in space. I suspect the real number out there has multiple zeros after it.

    Arizona Legislature

    That said, NASA now knows who these 18, people are. They applied for a job, so all manner of government privacy regulations kick in. As such, NASA probably can't do a damn thing with this priceless information. Or maybe they can. It is useful, but I think it has reached the limit of its effectiveness. Guess what: 18, potential participants just popped up on NASA's radar screen. Again: 18, citizens just said that they want to fly on a NASA rocket. What is NASA going to do with this influx of self-identified and overtly-avowed space explorers?

    According to the documents, the astronaut and the woman began direct messaging on Twitter and also texted and called each other several times. After the woman realized the astronaut had a girlfriend, she began sending "false and malicious statements that include excessive profane and abusive language," according to the documents. Motherboard will not be naming the astronaut out of respect for his family's privacy. Mitchell died yesterday. Coincidentally, on 5 Feb. Mitchell, who was part of the Apollo 14 space crew that flew to the moon in , died late Thursday in West Palm Beach, according to his family.

    Mitchell, 85, lived in suburban Lake Worth and died at a local hospice at about 10 p. He is one of the pioneers in space exploration on whose shoulders we now stand.